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I have been working with the theme of Joy for a number of years, and will continue to. Most of the pieces here were inspired by the idea of swirling, whirling round. They are also from the idea that we have a spark of joy inside ourselves waiting to get out, if it hasn't ignited already.

The inspiration

joy pendantThe original piece, the spark of joy. I intend to make a second version of this for sale, until I do it is available to be made as a commission. Please email me for a price.









tourmaline earrings Tourmaline spring earrings

Made from 0.8mm thick recycled silver wire, with different coloured tourmaline beads. I have made these as pairs, with approximately matching beads. As the beads are natural stones the colours may not match exactly. I am happy to sell these are mis-matching pairs.

1 pair of earrings £20 plus p&p.

Single earrings £12 plus p&p


spiral disc earrings

Single spring disc earrings

Silver earrings made from 0.8mm silver wire. These have a textured silver disc suspended from them.

Pair of earrings £25 plus p&p



three spring earringsThree spring earrings

Silver earrings made with 0.8 mm silver wire. Others available with three springs and traditional earring findings.

Pair of earrings £30 plus p&p


small stud hemisphere earrings

Hemisphere stud earrings

100% recycled silver hemisphere stud earrings, with 0.8 mm posts. These come in two sizes, small, with a diameter of 9mm and large with a diameter of 14mm.

Small studs £35 plus p&p, Large studs £50 plus p&p


hemisphere drop earringsHemisphere drop earrings

100% recycled silver, with hemispheres with a diameter of 15mm. Standard ear fittings. I am exploring how I make these earrings, and so the next lot I make is likely to be different again.

Drop earrings £60 plus p&p



hemisphere solid drop earrings Hemisphere solid drop earrings

Last ones of this version of hemisphere drop earrings. 100% recycled silver. Hemisphere is 14mm in diameter.

Drop earrings £60 plus p&p



hemisphere ringHemisphere ring

100% reycled silver ring with 2mm by 4mm wire band. Hemisphere is 20mm diameter of 0.8 mm sheet silver. Either with gold leaf in or plain.

Ring £110 plus p&p




spiral braceletSpring Bracelet

Made with 1mm recycled silver wire. The bracelets are approximately 8 inches long, but do vary due to the hand made nature of them. They have a silver disc charm which is engraved.

Bracelet £120 plus p&p




spring pendantSpring Pendant

Single spring pendant made with 2mm recycled silver wire. Comes with a silver chain.

Pendant and chain £50 plus p&p